As we all are aware, South Africa struggles with serious power supply issues and Load shedding has caused closure and financial drainage on so many organizations. What makes it worse is the idea of it ever being a 100% functional, is something of fiction.

Early 2019 Joe started researching various concepts of resolving this dilemma. With various options available on the market, none of them had a permanent solution and majority of them are very costly and requires regular maintenance. Another huge concern was the environment impact that some alternative energy solutions had.

This was the key factors that turned our research to some of Nikola Tesla’s inventions and at this point the concept of  The SelfGen system based on Tesla’s founding’s coupled with Bhaskara’s perpetual motion of a self generating electricity plan came to affect.

The SelfGen is not a standard generator, because a standard system can only run for approximately 500 hours constantly before major defects occur.  SelfGen is a system that turns kinetic energy into electrical energy and can run constantly without any interruptions.

SelfGen is a kit that gets assembled and installed on your premises and will only require 2 minutes external power supply for start-up.  Once started the system will become self sufficient and continue to run until turned off once every 3 months for basic maintenance and checks which should not take longer than 1 hour.  Although we can confirm that it will run for longer periods, it is still a mechanical device that needs to be maintained for longer life span.

Device Information

This image is a sample design.  Each kit will differ according to the client’s energy and application requirement

  • Indication light
  • Emergency Stop
  • On / Off Push Buttons
  • Voltage and Current indication

Benefits of SelfGen

  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Low to almost zero carbon footprint
  • No Solar or back up battery required
  • No Council electricity required
  • No Diesel or petrol required
  • Low noise
  • Cost Effective
  • No more spikes and surges
  • No more load shedding
  • Automated